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BusyLight – The Answer to Home Office Workers

As I am a person who works in a home office, I am on the phone a lot and in meetings a lot.  Being that I do share my home with four other family members, it is always a challenge for them to know when I am on the phone or not.  One of my … Continue reading

Exchange Migrations Made Simple – Even for a Domino Admin

With a background based solidly in Domino, and having developed and administered Domino for over fifteen years, I have finally had the experience of looking at Exchange and what is different regarding upgrading to new versions. Let’s start with Domino, it’s pretty simple, insert the CD and upgrade the version. However, this is not always … Continue reading

Cutting Over Today

Well that day has come. I’ve documented in the past that I have seen a number of organizations making the move from Domino over to Exchange. Well today I too am enduring that change. As we speak my mail box is being enabled on an Exchange server and I will be migrating my own data … Continue reading

Migrations to Lotus Notes – What Happened to them?

I recently was reading Planet Lotus and saw a posting by David Hablewitz titled Binary Tree no longer does migrations to Lotus Notes. DAMN! I wish I knew this before I drove half way across Michigan to help a customer move their new acquisition from Exchange to Lotus Notes. And to think they paid my … Continue reading

Renaming a Domino Server

The thought of renaming a Domino Server is a daunting task at best. There are innumerable considerations to address when undertaking this task. There is the server security, groups, connection documents, mail-in-databases, access control lists, and not to mention the user’s desktop icons. Working with various organizations, the thought of virtual clustering of Domino servers … Continue reading

Public Key Mismatch on Renames

The Public Key Mismatch occurs when a rename has been issued to a user and the user is never prompted to accept the new name. The issue at hand has to do with public key mismatches between the user’s ID File and the user’s entry in the public address book. The following are the steps … Continue reading

Domain Renames and Busytime.nsf

Working with a customer in the past, we encountered a unique situation. One of my customer has recently done a server domain move to a new domain and found that busytime lookups for the other users from an old server, no longer worked. Original users at the old domain worked fine but the users at … Continue reading

Since Moving my Blog….

From a locally hosted Domino server to WordPress, I thought I would repost a lot of my old information to help people fine them again. As a result I’ll be posting a lot of information. My apologies if this is old information for you.