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BusyLight – The Answer to Home Office Workers

As I am a person who works in a home office, I am on the phone a lot and in meetings a lot.  Being that I do share my home with four other family members, it is always a challenge for them to know when I am on the phone or not.  One of my coworkers mentioned something called BusyLight. This is a USB device that interacts with Lync.  Lync is the Online Meeting/Chat/Collaboration solution from Microsoft.

Well with the use of Lync is it not easy for my family to know if I am in a call or if I am presenting.  Busylight integrates with Lync and changes as my status changes in Lync.

The solution uses a lighted wand to indicate my current situation. So when I am currently available, the BusyLight wand indicates this with a Green light outside of my office door.

Available 20150420_155611


Similarly if I am on a call or in a meeting it gives me the ability to let people know by indicating the wand as Red.   In this case I am not likely presenting my screen.

Busy 20150420_155450


But these two situations do not always help indicate things.  For example, doing online demos or presentations require that I share my screen.  Lync will automatically change my status to Do Not Disturb.  In this case the light changes to a Purple.

DND 20150420_171038


And then lastly when I am currently away from my desk it will indicate that I am away with a yellow light.

away 20150420_155534
With these visual signals my family members know to be quite or if they can interrupt my day.

Learn more at http://www.busylight.com/


About pwhiltz

I am a Domino Administrator and Developer who has been working with IBM Domino solutions since 1997. I work for an Enterprise Email Migration company and am delving into the realm of Microsoft Exchange now.


4 thoughts on “BusyLight – The Answer to Home Office Workers

  1. Awesome, can you put the USB device link in the article.

    Posted by Gulab Prasad | April 21, 2015, 3:10 pm
  2. I wish there was one of these for Sametime…

    Posted by Ray Bilyk | April 23, 2015, 3:43 pm

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