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Migrations to Lotus Notes – What Happened to them?

I recently was reading Planet Lotus and saw a posting by David Hablewitz titled Binary Tree no longer does migrations to Lotus Notes. DAMN! I wish I knew this before I drove half way across Michigan to help a customer move their new acquisition from Exchange to Lotus Notes. And to think they paid my company to have me do it too.

While David’s presumption is just that, a presumption. Let me alleviate a lot of the confusion his posting may have led to. David points out that the vast majority of the Binary Tree web site is directed at Microsoft. David is right. But what is the market actually doing? For what ever reason, more organizations are making the move from Domino to Exchange, than there are organizations making the move from anything to Domino. Binary Tree has continued to build solutions in the Domino Realm and continues to market them as well as improve the existing ones.

In fact, Binary Tree has just released the latest version of CMT Inspector which is a product that is designed to analyze an entire Domino Infrastructure very quickly. Previous releases of this product were based largely in a Notes Database and made use of LotusScript to execute this. Unfortunately this took several days, in larger organizations, a few weeks. The entire product has been rebuilt from the ground up using C# and SQL to provide an analysis engine that allows the full review of 20,000 mail files in approximately 2-3 days.

This new method was just released on July 11th. See the press release here.

Binary Tree’s CMT for Coexistence is not just for Microsoft migrations. It is also being used on a regular basis for companies that are acquiring an Exchange shop and moving them to Domino as well.

Then there is also CMT Mobile, the solution to migrate those Microsoft Exchange based Blackberry devices between different BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, between the Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise email platforms, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server management databases.

Then what about the product David mentions, CMT for Notes, as hard to find or that you have to know how to ask for it. I guess he didn’t click the Products link at the top of every page on the site did he. Oh and there is also the link to CMT for Public Folders to migrate those to Domino.

And look there is CMT for Domains. You could use that to migrate from an on premises instance of Lotus Notes to LotusLive as well, or consolidate multiple Domino Domains into one.

Does this means that Binary Tree has completely got out of the business of supporting Lotus Customers? You tell me.

As an individual who has lived and breathed Lotus Notes and Domino for over 14 years now, am I happy about migrations to Exchange on a personal level? No. I have seen a lot of good friends I know move to other things outside of Domino as the job opportunities have dwindled.

I enjoy seeing Thomas Duff‘s daily postings for jobs, the sad part, I used to see that many new jobs posted locally in Detroit on a daily basis. Now good luck finding one here at all. I have to do what needs to be done to keep my family, my home, and my bills taken care of. If this entails learning new skills outside of Domino, so be it.


About pwhiltz

I am a Domino Administrator and Developer who has been working with IBM Domino solutions since 1997. I work for an Enterprise Email Migration company and am delving into the realm of Microsoft Exchange now.


2 thoughts on “Migrations to Lotus Notes – What Happened to them?

  1. Perry, Thanks for the ping back and for contributing to the discussion!
    To clarify, I’m not making presumptions, I’m merely reflecting on a recent job posting of theirs that was pushed to me on Linkedin and a subsequent browse of their website. Neither of them say “Migrate to Lotus Notes”. If you didn’t already know CMT for Notes is a migration tool, you could easily overlook it. Check out their solutions offerings. Notice that for Lotus customers it explicitly lists migrating to Microsoft solutions. But under Microsoft customers it only lists migrating to various Microsoft solutions. (Note that upgrading to Exchange 2010 is actually a “migration”) But there is no hint they migrate from Microsoft to Lotus.
    Yes, like you, I’ve dedicated 17 years of my professional development to the product. Once upon a time Puget Sound was a strong Lotus community. Lately, well not so much so.

    Posted by David (The Notes Guy In Seattle) | September 1, 2011, 1:36 am
  2. I agree with David and there is alot of debate going back and forth in the Linkedin forums about how long Domino will be around. The market is definately in favor of Microsoft and also the MSO365 cloud. IBM has not marketed LotusLive effectively at all and R9 seems like a dream. Rumor abounds that R9 will not even have a 64-bit client for Notes. Really? I am seeing fewer and fewer 32-bit OS desktops around.

    Posted by Mark Pierce | September 1, 2011, 11:39 am

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